F***in’ locks, how do they work?

January 18, 2011

For your amusement, we present a selection of images that highlight the average simpleton’s apparent inability to summon the common sense necessary when securing property with a lock. If you’re in any way similar to us, looking at each and every example will result in a short burst of laughter, quickly followed by a painlessly brief period of depression as the perpetrator’s confused (or not, depending on the severity of his/her idiocy) face is imagined. It’s also worth remembering as you wipe the lone tear from your cheek that this is but a tiny snapshot of a problem that will continue to plague the land for as long as simpletons, locks and personal property exist.

(Should you happen to be one of those simpletons: Look @ these lock fails LOL.)

Lock Fail
Image Source

Bike Lock Fail
Image Source

Belt Lock
Image Source

Green Car Lock Fail
Image Source

Basket Lock Fail
Image Source

Locksmith Fail
Image Source

Blue Car Lock Fail
Image Source

Yellow Bike Lock Fail
Image Source

Blue Bike Lock Fail
Image Source

Car Lock Fail
Image Source

Door Lock Fail
Image Source

White Car Lock Fail
Image Source

Blue Car Lock Fail
Image Source

Wheel Lock Fail
Image Source

Volkswagen Lock Fail
Image Source

Red Car Lock Fail
Image Source

Black Car Lock Fail
Image Source

Motorbike Lock Fail
Image Source

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  2. Very Good idea :D

  3. this is not real

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  8. what a crazy people LoL

  9. It seems that most of the images comes from Rumania or Russia. They are very funny people !!

  10. cool stuff

  11. How many of those were guys being dicks? Locked locksmith van seems like a great joke to play on locksmith pals… Or maybe non-violent locksmith pals. :)

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  13. Seems like a lot of these actually work but look funny anyway.

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  15. look how stupid I was. incredible: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=130267490096&set=a.130267325096.130839.692455096

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  18. what the f… is that

  19. Two thoughts, first is that many of these seem rather legit. Second is that the rest would all probably deter most thieves. The only one that is a question is the last one, not enough room to slip it off without lifting up the bike, and just like the rest with the cable through a tire, could you imagine the result of driving with it still locked?

  20. Wow – these can’t be real – I refuse to believe it – LMAO

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  22. If u are thinking of fixing your door lock read this first – great article http://ezinearticles.com/?Why-Your-Locksmith-Should-Install-British-Standard-Locks-and-Security&id=5670822

  23. It is funny that people can lock cars and other vehicles in variety ways. Thanks for sharing pictures

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  25. Nothing beats the classic. Who needs alarms?

  26. Good thing, houses are not made to be moved very quickly. I can’t imagine if my home is secured like those pictures above. I found this interesting post and I hope it sparks your interest.

  27. For your amusement, we present a selection of images that highlight the average simpleton

  28. HAHAHAHA How stupid people can be

  29. Very funny, some of these are brilliant and some of these are just unbelievable!

  30. just shows you what people are like, mostly in some kind of hurry, and forget common sense ,,, but funny

  31. Why are some people sooo silly?

  32. Class!

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  34. Very amusing post. Needed this just to brighten up my day. Its amazing how stupid people can be but as a locksmith myself I have seen it all before.

    Thinking about it now, I should start to carry my camera around with me. Im sure I can get a few funny and amusing snaps together in no time.

    Great Post.

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  36. ha – very funny! I’ve shared it on facebook. Great post.

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