7 Amusing Key Holders

March 18, 2011

At the risk of neutralising potential customers, there are certain steps one can take in order to avoid employing the services of a locksmith, the simplest of which is to keep your keys either on your person at all times, or, should you be at home, in a designated spot free of clutter. This may sound like very simple advice – some would say to the point of being patronising – but human beings’ ability to miss the obvious should never be underestimated. Which is why the trusty key holder is such a valuable asset in the modern home: it has a permanent, fixed spot in the house; it has one purpose, and that is to store your keys; when “installed” in the correct location, it is very difficult to miss when entering and leaving the building.

It also helps if the key holder can make you chuckle before/after a hard day at the office, which is exactly why we’ve chosen to show you the following examples…


His & hers key holders
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Above: As key holders go, this one’s positively x-rated, and a snip at £12.50.


Buckle up key holder
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Above: The Buckle Up, a fantastically creative and amusing way to re-purpose old seatbelt buckles.


The Abu Hanger
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Above: Who ever said that nothing good came of Abu Hamza? As a key holder, he’s perfect.


His & hers, version 2
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Above: Similar to the first example, only this time the keys hang on the privates.


The redneck key holder
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Above: Scary, unmissable and altogether hilarious as key holders go.


The keytache
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Above: The comedy moustache never fails to put a smile on my face, particularly when my keys can be found hanging from it.


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Above: Utterly charming and well worth the £45 price tag.

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  1. I like the Keytache one!

  2. the seatbelt one is awesome! where can I find one

  3. There all key holder is looks good. But His and her style was best from all. I need more style and i am waiting for that . I will check your site every day for more style. Just thanks and all the best.

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